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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Sep 29, 2020

Adam Feldman is the Vice President of Business Development at Kendago B2C Media, a media company that drives massive volumes of high converting traffic for themselves and their clients. For the past seven years, Adam has grown Kendago from a tiny operation based out of a small house into a leader in innovative health and wellness products, digital marketing, and online advertising. Kendago is now a globally-recognized company with three locations, hundreds of business partnerships, and a thriving health and wellness program, Trim Down Club, with close to 3 million members.

Before Kendago, Adam was the Regional Manager for Arrow Motors and Property Manager for Inter Caribe.

In this episode…

When it comes to marketing and advertising, most companies direct their attention to Facebook ads or other social media channels like Instagram and YouTube. These are very popular—but according to Adam Feldman, a business can bring in millions of new customers over just a few years by using Google Display alone. Adam knows this because he’s done it; he has years of experience using Google ads to grow a business and knows which strategies to use that will work.

Before jumping into any strategy, businesses should be aware that the right marketing funnels need the right marketing message, a journey that people can move through, and ample value should be provided to the audience so that they can become loyal to your brand. 

Adam Feldman, Vice President of Business Development at Kendago B2C Media, is Dean Dutro's guest on this episode of Relationship Commerce, where he talks about how to use Google display ads to grow your business. He explains how he uses Google and YouTube ads for Kendago’s clients and talks about the importance of direct response marketing.