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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Feb 18, 2021

Simon Booth is the Owner and Director of Kiddimoto, a company that makes balanced bikes, helmets, scooters, and more for kids. After building a superbike-inspired wooden balanced bike prototype in his flat, the idea for the first Kiddimoto balanced bike was born.

Now, Kiddimoto has sold over 1 million bikes. With accessories lifting the business to the next level, they’ve also sold over 2 million helmets. Simon has created a company that is the leader in fun, well-crafted, and super cool ride-ons, safety wear, and accessories for kids. Simon holds a degree in Automotive Engineering from The University of Bolton.

In this episode…

Are you in the process of starting an e-commerce business? Do you have a great idea or concept for your product? And importantly, is it niche-specific?

Simon Booth, the Owner and Director of Kiddimoto, sits down with Dr. Jeremy Weisz in this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast to share his advice on how you can start small and grow your e-commerce brand by creating a niche product. Simon shares his experience pitching on BBC's Dragons’ Den, meeting the Queen of England, and the benefits of kids riding balanced bikes.