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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Jun 22, 2020

Jennifer Adams Bunkers is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Trukid, TruBaby, Fysik, TrueBuddy, GoodPods, Velocity Source Group, and Funopolis. She has founded six companies to create real change in the world,and her one goal when she creates businesses is to make life a little bit easier. Her main business is Trukid, which is a natural skincare line for kids. 

As a mom of six children, it is not always easy to balance being an entrepreneur and a mom, but Jennifer loves being both. Not only has she grown Trukid well over seven figures, she is in the process of launching several new brands alongside her son, Freddy. Jennifer has also previously helped people source and manufacture goods from Asia before deciding to start her own business ventures

In this episode…

After spending many years helping people outsource products for their businesses from Asia, Jennifer Adams Bunkers decided to start her own business that she can call her own. In addition, her deep desire to inspire, encourage, and help her six kids to become entrepreneurs motivated her to grow her six companies into not just successful businesses but ones that contribute positively to the world. Now, her son, Freddy Bunkers, has started his own company and is following in the footsteps of his mother. 

Join Dean Dutro as he interviews Jennifer Adams Bunkers and Freddy Bunkers  on this episode of the Relationship Commerce podcast where they talk about how they started their companies, their email and video marketing strategies, how they work together to grow and bridge the gap between their respective brands, and how being part of entrepreneurship organizations has helped Jennifer’s businesses grow. Stay tuned.