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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Aug 18, 2020

Daniel Walton is the Founder and Managing Director at OLPRO which designs, imports, and sells standout camping and camper van equipment. OLPRO has a reputation for creating exceptional outdoor leisure products with their adventurous customers around the world in mind. Thanks to their team of experts and a deeply genuine passion for getting outdoors, OLPRO delivers a range of unique and high-quality products that are changing the face of outdoor leisure. 

OLPRO is an award-winning company and has earned national awards in social media and e-Commerce, including Runner Up in the British Chamber of Commerce e-Commerce Site of the Year in 2019. Before founding OLPRO, Daniel was Sales Director at Maypole Ltd, Group Retail Product Manager at Discover Leisure PLC, and Sales Director at Blue Diamond Products Ltd. He also worked in senior management at Towsure and

In this episode…

For e-Commerce sellers, one of the benefits of having a loyal customer base is that those same customers can support and vouch for your brand to other people. Word of mouth is actually a great marketing tool for business because future customers are more likely to buy from a brand based on recommendations or user content shared by previous customers.

This is one of the marketing tools OLPRO uses to increase sales and expand their reach. By encouraging reviews and sharing user content on their social media, they’re vouching for the quality of their products and standing out from other industry players.

In this week's episode of Relationship Commerce, Dean Dutro interviews Daniel Walton, the Founder and Managing Partner of OLPRO, about why it’s important to build a community of loyal customers to promote your brand's products. Daniel talks about founding his outdoor leisure company, the strategies he uses to encourage user content, and his preferred software for growing his business.