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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Jun 10, 2021

Tatiana Mercer is the Co-founder of Three Spirit Drinks, a company that makes plant-based, nonalcoholic elixirs. The brand is now leveraging one of the fastest-growing sectors in the drinks market: alcohol-free beverages. She is also the Co-founder of Beyond Alcohol, a primarily eCommerce-based business that recently entered the US market.

Before Three Spirit Drinks, Tatiana was the Founder of BarChick, a platform for discovering the world’s best bars. She also worked as a Sales & Marketing Executive at Future Capital Partners Limited.

In this episode…

If you are a sole entrepreneur, have you ever considered getting a business partner for your eCommerce brand? Do you know the benefits of having co-founders or business partners?

Tatiana Mercer, a Co-founder of Three Spirit Drinks, joins Eric Stopper in this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast to talk about the benefits of having business partners. Together, they discuss how the team behind Three Spirit Drinks built a non-alcoholic drink brand out of London. Tatiana also talks about some of the plant ingredients they use to make drinks and the benefits of educating customers about your eCommerce brand.