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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Jun 22, 2021

Bryan Spunt is the Chief Executive Officer of Seek Discomfort, a clothing brand launched in May 2018 by the founders of the Yes Theory YouTube channel. He is also the Co-founder and Chief Smile Officer of Big Smiles Program, a nonprofit art program that works with children's hospitals in Los Angeles. He is also an Advisory Board Member for PopSockets. 

Bryan is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for living a balanced and full life. He finds the same level of commitment to his health, hobbies, and relationships as he does to his business endeavors. He believes this is the key to sustainable success and long-term happiness.

In this episode…

Do you leverage social media to market your eCommerce brand? Do you know how to create connections and build good relationships with your eCommerce customers?

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Bryan Spunt, the CEO of Seek Discomfort, joins Dean Dutro to talk about social media marketing, building connections, and growing eCommerce brands. Bryan also explains how he got started in eCommerce and the role mentorship has played in his career.