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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Nov 12, 2020

Josh Band is the Founder of Plate Crate, a baseball subscription box that aims to build the sport’s community and connect players and fans with the game. Josh started the company in 2015 from the back of his SUV while playing independent baseball in the Midwest. He was shocked that there was no baseball subscription box on the market—so he created one. 

Over the last 5 years, Plate Crate has grown into a rich baseball community where ballplayers can do more than just find great gear: they connect players and families to the game they love.

In this episode…

Do you know the steps you need to take to grow your new e-commerce business? Are you looking for a way to create new and better connections with your customers? What strategies should you adopt to build a thriving business that serves your customer’s needs?

To build a successful business, you should start by answering these questions. This is what Josh Band did when he realized there was no subscription box in the market for baseball lovers while batting as an independent player. This sparked a business idea and solution, which he shares with us (and you!) in today’s episode.

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Dean Dutro talks to Josh Band, the Founder of Plate Crate, about starting and growing a baseball subscription box business to help connect players and fans with the game. Josh also talks about using influencer marketing to increase your sales, the power of product giveaways and partnerships, and your best strategies for using paid ads.