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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Aug 17, 2021

Ryan O'Connor is a Co-founder and VP of Growth at Worth eCommerce. At Worth eCommerce, Ryan has worked with over 1,000 eCommerce clients to turn their email strategy into a valuable profit source.

Before building Worth eCommerce, Ryan was the Founder of Gobysavvy, a UX design agency for eCommerce companies. He also founded Clusiv and was a UX Mentor at CareerFoundry. Ryan holds a master’s degree in psychology from California State University, Long Beach.

In this episode…

Do you use SMS as part of your eCommerce brand’s marketing strategies? How can SMS serve you even better than social media ads? What is the best kind of content to share with your subscribers through SMS for increasing engagement?

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Dean Dutro and Ryan O'Connor, the Co-founders of Worth eCommerce, sit down to discuss the best SMS marketing strategies for eCommerce brands. They talk about the benefits of SMS and email marketing, the best content to send to your SMS subscribers, and how to effectively implement an SMS strategy for your brand.