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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

Brian Burt is the Founder and CEO of Canopy Management, a full-service, full-stack, “A-to-Z,” done-for-you Amazon marketing agency. They are dedicated to helping brands scale their businesses, gain market share, and become the royalty of their Amazon categories.

Brian is a New Jersey native but spent most of his life in Arizona and Chicago before moving to Austin to launch Canopy with Brian Johnson, his Co-founder. He studied marketing and business development at Arizona State University.

In this episode…

What have you heard about selling on the Amazon Marketplace? Did you know that it has a higher conversion rate than other e-commerce platforms? How about that Amazon is where most US-based consumers start their shopping journey? Then do you know how to get started?

On this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Dean Dutro is joined by Brian Burt, the Founder and CEO of Canopy Management, to talk about selling on Amazon. Together, they discuss the challenges associated with becoming the face of your brand, figuring out who your perfect customers are, and building a team of motivated and productive members — virtually. Keep listening!