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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Jun 8, 2021

Dan Nikas is the Founder and Owner of Elite Brands, Gearbunch, and The Social Media Mechanic. Elite Brands brings together like-minded entrepreneurs who want to expand and grow their business to the next level by focusing on building a brand. Gearbunch was created in 2016 to offer one-of-a-kind printed leggings, apparel, and accessories for prices that are drastically more affordable than the competition. In their first year alone, they turned over $4 million.

He is a former Homicide Detective Sergeant of 17 years who leveraged his policing skillset to eCommerce in 2015 when he first started Gearbunch. He is also a Facebook Blueprint Lead Trainer and an in-demand keynote speaker at industry events worldwide.

In this episode…

Have you set up effective systems and strategies for running your eCommerce business? Do you have planned and strategic action steps for building trust with your existing and potential customers? 

Dan Nikas, the Founder and Owner of Elite Brands and the Owner of Gearbunch, joins Eric Stopper in this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast to talk about the benefits of having effective systems and strategies for your eCommerce brand. Dan also talks about the importance of building trust with customers and explains why entrepreneurs must understand the inner workings of their businesses.