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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Aug 4, 2020

Jordan West is the Founder and Owner of Mindful Marketing, a paid ads agency for seven-figure e-Commerce businesses. Jordan’s business passion is helping e-Commerce brands grow exponentially. He started in marketing at 22 when he bought a Taco Del Mar chain restaurant, and after 5 years, a large learning curve, and money lost, he tripled the sales at the restaurant with creative marketing tactics.

After selling the store, Jordan and his wife grew their children’s clothing company, Little & Lively, from a small at-home operation to one of the top ten baby brands in Canada with advanced digital marketing techniques. He is also a podcast host, a part-time paramedic who loves helping people on their “worst day”, and a father of three.

In this episode…

When starting in e-Commerce, one crucial strategy that can help drive sales is developing an email list. Although online marketplaces like Amazon and Facebook Shops allow brands to set up online stores and drive sales, they don't offer the option to collect emails from their customers. This means that they have to rely on their marketing efforts to make sales, even from repeat customers.

Having an email list can change that. It allows businesses to market directly to their target audience without relying too heavily on online marketplaces. The business owns the email list, so you can use it to promote other products and further target your marketing with segmentation.

Jordan West, a marketing expert and the Founder and CEO of Mindful Marketing, is Dean Dutro’s guest in this week's episode of Relationship Commerce. Jordan talks about growing and scaling an e-Commerce business to 7 figures, buying and scaling a Taco Del Mar restaurant, running an e-Commerce business with his wife, and how having an email list has helped his businesses grow.