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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Jul 7, 2020

Eden Coleman is an internet marketer, YouTuber, CBD expert, and Founder and CEO of Wellicy. He is on a mission to help educate people on CBD by understanding the differences between CBD isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum, which dosage is best for you, and how to know which brands are high quality. In just two years, he has grown his business from $100,000 a year to over $500,000 in 2019; this year, he’s on track to break seven figures.

In this episode…

When the 2014 Farm Bill was passed and hemp/CBD was legalized, Eden Coleman had a thought. He felt that more people were interested in and wanted the medicinal benefits associated with cannabis, while some just wanted to get high. This sparked a business idea that would later become the cannabis company called Wellicy. 

However, the cannabis industry has stayed unregulated for a long time, which has allowed many unscrupulous people to create fake CBD products. The result? People buy these products and get disappointed when they don't reap any medicinal value from them. So Eden took it upon himself to educate people about the benefits of CBD, how to spot a fake CBD product, and what dosage is required for maximum benefits when buying a quality supplement. 

Eden Coleman is the Founder of Wellicy and joins Dean Dutro in this week's episode of Relationship Commerce to talk about starting his CBD business and how he managed to grow his sales in a matter of 2 years. He also shares what he’s learned about the CBD industry, the advertising strategies he uses, and how email marketing has helped Wellicy’s growth.