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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Oct 22, 2020

Gabriel Llaurado is a Co-Founder of Meat N' Bone, a hyperlocal online butcher shop that hand-delivers high-quality meat straight to your door. The company has set out to disrupt the meat market and has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, The Washington Post, and many more. 

Before Meat N' Bone, Gabriel led Operations and Digital at Media Global Group (MGG Media) and was the General Manager at CNN Latino NY WBQM Ch. 3.

In this episode…

Finding good quality and healthy meat that’s reasonably priced is difficult for many Americans. Supermarkets and grocery stores get stocked with low-quality meat and, when a better cut does show up in the freezer, it costs an arm and a leg. 

Besides, not all meat labeled grass-fed is actually from 100% grass-fed cattle—and consumers may not be aware of this. So, to help the consumers who care about where their meat comes from, Gabriel Llaurado and his co-founders decided to launch Meat N' Bone: an online butcher shop that focuses on providing quality meat products to its customers.

In this episode of Relationship Commerce, Dr. Jeremy Weisz chats with Gabriel Llaurado, Co-Founder of Meat N' Bone, about delivering premium quality meat to health-conscious customers. They talk about the company's vetting process for meat farms, their customer service experience, and how their referral program works.