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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Jul 14, 2020

Dean Dutro is the Co-founder of Worth eCommerce, a company that helps businesses of all sizes dramatically grow their revenue by at least 30% with lifecycle email marketing. Dean is an eCommerce email marketing expert and one of Klaviyo's top partners. He is also the Founder of Email Growth Training and he is also the host of the Relationship Commerce podcast.

Dean holds a Degree in Communication Studies from the California State University-Long Beach.

In this episode…

A lot of people want to start a business with the intention of carving out more time to be with their loved ones. And oftentimes, they want these businesses to be built upon things that they can love and grow in the long term. Dean Dutro has seen many ecommerce businesses trying to find their footing in the online marketplace and he knows what it takes to grow a business and to make it thrive. He is an expert in growing ecommerce businesses and understands the various challenges these types of businesses face.

In this episode of Relationship Commerce, Dean Dutro gets interviewed by Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 about the couple who owned a journal store business and how his company helped double their monthly sales from $50,000 to $100,000 within a month. He talks about the strategies he used to help them grow, how he helps other businesses with email marketing even if they don't have an existing email list, why some businesses avoid using pop ups, and his best practices for avoiding spam emails. Stay tuned.