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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Sep 1, 2020

Randall Thompson is the Founder and President of Dugout Mugs and a former Toronto Blue Jays baseball player. He started Dugout Mugs, a baseball drinkware company in 2016 with three patented products generating over seven figures in 2017, 2018, 2019, and now in 2020. Dugout Mugs is licensed through Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, and Major League Baseball Players Association.

Randall’s products are in over 70 Minor and Major League Baseball stadium team stores across the country. In his free time, Randall likes to play tetherball and read about Patent and Trademark Law.

In this episode…

For Randall Thompson, the love of baseball started at the age of 5. He played throughout his childhood and eventually took it to the professional level with the Toronto Blue Jays. While on the field, he had the idea of making drinking mugs from baseball bats and immersed himself in the entrepreneurial journey to manufacture them after retiring. 

But, to bring his business idea to life, he had to get licensing approvals from different baseball teams. So how did he go about it? 

In this week's episode of Relationship Commerce, Randall Thompson, the Founder and President of Dugout Mugs, joins Dean Dutro to talk about making baseball drinking mugs after retiring from professional baseball. Randall explains how licensing rights work, how they have helped his business, and his strategies for growing the business and fan base.