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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Sep 8, 2020

Bud Lindman is the Vice President of E2E, an end-to-end solutions provider whose services encompass everything a small business needs to be successful. These include cost-effective product sourcing, fully integrated supply chain management, expertise in operational efficiencies, website design and development, and world-class sales and marketing strategy execution. 

Bud is an experienced corporate leader with a demonstrated history of success in supply-side eCommerce and traditional retail. He focuses on providing exceptional client service to achieve end-to-end customer and client satisfaction. With extensive expertise ranging from soft home textiles to apparel, he's also highly skilled in relationship management, contract negotiations, leading teams, marketing, and sales.

In this episode…

For eCommerce sellers who want to outsource their products from China, finding the right supplier is often a challenge—especially for new players entering the market. They run the risk of losing their investment if they don't find an honest and reliable supplier to deal with.

This is one of the reasons why E2E was started in 2009: the company has teams in both the US and China to help you (yes, you) find the best product suppliers. 

In this week's episode of Relationship Commerce, host Dean Dutro interviews Bud Lindman, the Vice President of E2E, about the company's work helping US sellers find reliable suppliers from China. Bud talks about the company's process of finding products, how they help increase sales, and why E2E decided to start creating its own brands.