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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Jan 14, 2021

Colleen Wagner is the Founder and Chief Adventure Officer of McGovern & Company, a heritage brand born out of love for American National Parks. The company creates products using unique decorative vintage maps for the travel, adventure, and outdoor markets. Its product line includes scarves, bandanas, mugs, blankets, buffs, socks, bags, and more.

For the last several years, Colleen has built a 100% female-owned, remote, flexible, and family-friendly company that helps working moms and donates to the planet. McGovern & Company was a finalist of the 2020 Title Nine Pitchfest, and all of its designs and products are inspired by Colleen's travels to National Parks.

In this episode…

Are you ready to hire your first employee for your e-commerce startup? Do you know what to look for in the right hire? Not only that, but are you on top of your finances? 

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, host Dean Dutro is joined by Colleen Wagner, the Founder and Chief Adventure Officer of McGovern & Company. They discuss how to know when you’re ready to hire your first employee, what to look out for during recruitment, and the importance of effectively managing your finances. Colleen also shares the SEO strategies she uses to grow her business. Stay tuned.