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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Sep 22, 2020

Rob Fraser is the Founder and CEO of endūr, an athletic lifestyle brand that elevates performance socks by fusing expressive designs with technical features. As a five-time member of the Canadian mountain bike team, Rob's competitive nature fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and provided a unique framework for building a business. From humble beginnings working out of a basement in 2016, Rob bootstrapped endūr to 7 figure revenue by assembling a world-class team. 

With an unwavering focus on performance, design, and community, endūr is an emerging and innovative leader in the athletic industry. In recognition of their rapid growth, endūr was named one of Douglas magazine's top 10 businesses to watch and earned a spot on season 13 of the CBC reality show, Dragons’ Den.

In this episode…

In the early days of starting endūr, Rob Fraser concentrated on developing his performance socks and making a profit. He didn't have any entrepreneurial experience, but this worked for him for one reason: he built a real business out of his efforts. While other entrepreneurs were busy seeking venture capital and raising money, he worked on growing his business. 

Unlike other business people who often guess what customers want and are more concerned with using money to gain customers, Rob reached out to his customers directly and listened to their feedback. This helped him develop a feedback loop—helping him grow the company to where it is today.

Rob Fraser, the Founder and CEO of endūr, is this week's guest on the Relationship Commerce Podcast. Together, host Dean Dutro and Rob talk about his strategies for developing authentic relationships and scaling a performance socks business. He shares his background as a biker and the partnership mistake he made when he first started that cost him a lot of money. Stay tuned.