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The Relationship Commerce Podcast

Mar 30, 2021

Kelley Thornton is the Co-Founder of Tiege Hanley, an uncomplicated skincare company for men. Tiege Hanley was founded by four “regular guys” who wanted to create a product system and brand that makes skin care meaningful, accessible, affordable, and clinically relevant for regular guys like you. 

Outside of skincare, Kelley was the Founder, CEO and Board Member of Purchase Point LLC, Regional Sales Manager at International Paper, and POP Display Vendor at Unilever. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Connecticut.

In this episode…

Do you know where your customers shop? Are you up to date with their shopping habits or patterns?

Kelley Thornton, the Co-Founder and CEO of Tiege Hanley, joins Dr. Jeremy Weisz, the Co-Founder of Rise25 Media, in this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast to talk about leveraging your customer’s shopping habits to build an e-commerce business. Kelley talks about the benefits of co-packing your own e-commerce products, using the right product positioning strategies, and how to create routines with your e-commerce products.